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In Memory of Rudolf William Matzke

October 12, 1929 - November 17, 2017

OCTOBER 12, 1929 - NOVEMBER 17, 2017

Dr. Rudolf William Matzke, age 88, died on November 17, 2017. He was well taken care of by his wife and family as well as the staff at Maple Ridge Care Center.

Rudy attended the University of WI—Madison. His love of learning continued the rest of his life as he took numerous classes, and he was never without a book or three in progress.

In 1980, Rudy obtained a building permit for the "Tower" addition, his retirement project, that was never meant to be completed and was one of his most creative endeavors.

The community knew him as Dr. Matzke, a man of integrity, wisdom, and caring, as he took care of people's health needs for over 38 years. Additionally, his friends knew him as Rudy, a man who showed up, listened well, loved taking the opposing side in a discussion, and enjoyed their company. Beyond these attributes, his family knew him as Rudy, Dad, and Grandpa, a man who put them first, who helped out in any way he could, who was always home for supper, and who wrote, "I love my family more than I can express." Rudy said his favorite hobby was "watching kids and trees grow."

He was preceded in death by his father and mother, Karl Robert Matzke and  Gertrude Henrietta Matzke; niece, Kathy Seers; and brother-in-law, William Jablonowski.

He is survived by his wife of 61 years, Avis Matzke; his five children, Andy (Diane) Matzke, Pete (Michelle Packel) Matzke, Dena Matzke, Terri (Jack) Johnson, and Garth (Kim Miller) Matzke; grandchildren, Callie (Austin) Lesmeister, Hunter Matzke, Blake Johnson, Sawyer Matzke, Lane Hansen, and Bryce Hansen; siblings, Ellinore Jablonowski and Robert (Joan) Matzke; sister-in-law Diane Metcalf; and nieces and nephews.

Please honor Rudy in whatever manner feels right for you. He would have only asked for your kind thoughts.

Immediate family will be honoring his memory and celebrating his life, as per his wishes.

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