Vulnerable Adult Reported Missing In Burnett County

The Burnett County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the assistance of local residents.

Vulnerable Adult Reported Missing In Burnett County

SIREN, WI -- The Burnett County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the assistance of local residents in the search for Ashley, a vulnerable adult who has been missing since last night. Ashley, a resident of a local group home, was last seen on the home’s outside camera at 9:20 PM, leaving the property near Polansky Road in Siren. She has now been missing since Sunday night.

Description and Clothing

Ashley was last seen wearing a blue fleece coat, white Crocs, and red glasses. A recent photo of her in these glasses and coat has been shared to aid in identification.

Possible Destination

Ashley is known to love horses, and there is a belief she might be attempting to travel to the Spooner Rodeo, which is scheduled to take place this coming weekend. However, it is important to note that she does not know directions and could potentially be anywhere in the region.

Community Involvement

Local residents are encouraged to check their properties, including reviewing footage from trail cams or house cameras, for any signs of Ashley. Those willing to assist further are invited to drive around the area to aid in the search.

Contact Information

Anyone with information or who believes they have seen Ashley is urged to contact the Burnett County Sheriff’s Department immediately. For direct information, residents can also call 715-531-2588 or their local police department.

Appeal for Assistance

"We are deeply concerned for Ashley's safety and well-being," said a representative from the group home. "Your help is crucial in bringing her back safely. Please, check your properties, review any surveillance footage, and report any sightings immediately."

The community’s support and prayers are greatly appreciated during this critical time. Sharing this information widely can help ensure Ashley’s safe return. Thank you for your assistance and vigilance.

Last Update: Jul 08, 2024 6:05 pm CDT

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