Support Staff Spotlight: Rochele Winger

21 Things You Might Not Know About Me: Rochele Winger, Deputy Court Clerk At The Barron County Clerk Of Courts Office.

Support Staff Spotlight: Rochele Winger

Editor’s note: “Support Staff Spotlight” is a weekly series that shines a spotlight on those that work behind the scenes in our area county departments that keep everything running smoothly. These individuals rarely get any attention (or credit?) but are vital to their respective departments. A new “Support Staff Spotlight” (formerly known as "21 Things You Might Not Know About Me") from one of our six-county coverage-area county departments will be published each Monday on DrydenWire.com.

BARRON COUNTY -- This week, we shine the spotlight on Rochele Winger. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Rochele, she is a Deputy Court Clerk with Barron County Clerk of Courts and has been there for nearly 9 years (officially 9 years on March 24th!).

Before you read Rochele’s “21 Things You Might Know About Me,” check out what her boss, Barron County Clerk of Court Sharon Millermon, had to say about her:

"Rochele is a Polk County resident, but has strong loyal ties to Barron County. I was fortunate to hire Rochele as a Barron County Deputy Clerk almost 9 years ago. Rochele’s specialty is the criminal felony area. Rochele is a top-notch Deputy Clerk who also clerks weekly in court and assists at the counter without complaint. Rochele is a true public servant that treats everyone with respect and dignity. Barron County and I are blessed to have Rochele." -- Sharon Millermon

21 Things About Me: Rochele Winger

  1. I love the color yellow. Sunflowers are my favorite. I also recently ordered yellow shoes for work (maybe not for court though).
  2. I do not like coffee, but I love to hit the purchase button and order coffee from Door County Coffee for my husband.  
  3. I am a germaphobe, my co-workers can attest to that.  
  4. I have been going to the same Christmas tree farm for over half my life, first with my parents and then I continued going there with my own family. I typically have my Christmas tree up for 1 ½ months.
  5. “Hallmark Channel on, all my worries gone” is a quote I live by especially during Christmas time.
  6. My Grandma is one of my most favorite people.
  7. I have gone on an Alaskan and Hawaiian Cruise and preferred the Alaskan one. I have visited 23 different states and would like to visit more states on the east coast. When I go on vacation, I have to be seeing or doing something as sitting on a beach or at a pool drives me crazy.
  8. I went to school to be a paralegal but did not like the research aspect and obtained my Legal Secretary Associates Degree and an HR certificate.
  9. I have worked at restaurants/bars, a greenhouse, afterschool care, a video store, a cheese store, a factory, workers compensation/SSDI law firms, mental health clinic, and the Clerk of Courts.
  10. I was the “baby” (youngest) of the Clerk of Courts office for 8 1/2 years, a title I did not know if I would ever get rid of.
  11. I love working at the front counter helping people that come into our office. Our staff rotates each week. We rotate working between the three Judges, and the front counter, along with a scheduled backup or desk day.  
  12. I am the office party planner and I absolutely love it. I have always enjoyed planning and throwing parties. A few years ago, myself and another co-worker thought, why not keep up our Christmas tree all year long, and decorate it for each season.  We got the ok, and we decorate the office tree for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Fall/Halloween. This past year one of our clerks has been making fun tree skirts for it, which really compliments the decorations! We often get compliments and people seem to enjoy seeing it decorated year-round.
  13. My husband works for Polk County, but I am partial to my employment in Barron County…
  14. A cow once jumped over a gate, above my head, that I was holding shut; I never helped with cattle again. My favorite cow's name was "freckles." In addition to cattle, I have grown up with a horse, peacocks, Guinea hens, chickens, and the occasional pheasant/duck/geese.
  15. I have only hit a deer once in my life with a vehicle, the only decent buck I’ve ever hit… I hate to admit I have been deer hunting for 22 years.
  16. There was a bat flying around in the back of the church at my wedding, and my ushers caught it and managed to get it outside without anyone knowing.
  17. My family members grow vegetables and flowers and sell them at Farmers Markets. When I was little, I would go and help sell the items, which taught me to make change at a very young age. My grandparents also used to sell pumpkins in the fall from their home. I still help plant my family's field each year at the annual “planting day” with various flowers and vegetables. I also get the benefits of fresh-cut flowers and vegetables all summer long. Unfortunately, the green thumb did not pass down to me. I usually water my garden and flowerpots for the first few weeks, then rely mostly on rain to keep them alive.  
  18. I am a member of the Moon Lake Threshermen’s Association and volunteer the 3rd weekend in August every year at the event.
  19. I took after one of my aunts and ran for election as a Village Board Trustee in my community. This decision to join the local government came after about 3 ½ years of volunteering with the Parks and Recreation Committee.
  20. I attended private schools from Kindergarten through 8th grade. I started at a public school in 9th grade, where I loved being a cheerleader for my high school football team.
  21. I love to organize things. I believe everything should have a place and be in its place! When the Clerk of Court gives me the ok to reorganize something in the office, it really makes my day!

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