Support Staff Spotlight: Anna Amparo

21 Things You Might Not Know About Me: Anna Amparo, Judicial Assistant To Sawyer County Judge John Yackel.

Support Staff Spotlight: Anna Amparo

“Support Staff Spotlight” is a weekly series that shines a spotlight on those that work behind the scenes in our area county departments that keep everything running smoothly. These individuals rarely get any attention (or credit?) but are vital to their respective departments. A new “Support Staff Spotlight” (formerly known as "21 Things You Might Not Know About Me") from one of our six-county coverage-area county departments will be published each Monday on DrydenWire.com.

SAWYER COUNTY -- This week, we shine the spotlight on Anna Amparo. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Anna, she is the Sawyer County Judicial Assistant to the Honorable John M. Yackel and has been so for the past 4 years.

Before you read Anna’s “21 Things You Might Know About Me,” first read what Judge Yackel had to say about her:

"Anna Amparo has been my judicial assistant for 4 ½ years. Almost immediately after hiring her, I knew she was going to be someone special.  Anna is all of those regular adjectives that someone would use to describe a co-worker: genuine, funny, hard-working, pleasant to be around, etc. But in her unique role as a public servant assisting me in guiding and managing the Sawyer County Court System, she is so much more. A circuit judge has to make so many difficult decisions on a daily basis. Those responsibilities can be made more or less difficult because of the people a judge works with. In my case, Anna’s qualities are a tremendous asset to me and the people of Sawyer County. She is highly intelligent, industrious, tough, independent, and a problem solver. She does not hesitate in dealing with many difficult issues that arise when I am dealing with something else.  In short, she has my back and I have hers."
So many other Judges have commented on how awesome she is as a Judicial Assistant and have commented on her efficiency and grasp of the issues at hand. In the past 7 years, the Sawyer County Circuit Court has been the busiest court in Wisconsin statistically speaking. Outside of my loving wife and immediate family, Anna has done more to help me develop and create a whole new legal system for Sawyer County. In August, there will be two courts and two Judges, and a whole new way of processing cases in this County. Her influence on this creation will be felt for many years to come. I can only hope that Branch 2 can find a Judicial Assistant as competent and helpful as Anna."

21 Things About Me: Anna Amparo

  1. I was born in Glendora, CA, grew up in Spooner, and moved to California late into my high school years. Graduated in 2005 from Monrovia High School and shortly returned to Wisconsin and moved to Hayward.
  2. I have 4 Children Kendal, Adel, Eli, Elizabeth & four Bonus Children.
  3. I have 3 sisters and one brother (I’m the favorite!! Haha).
  4. I went to school to be a head start teacher.
  5. I enjoy Fishing and being in the woods.
  6. I live for music festivals and concerts.
  7. I believe I was born to be a professional shopper.
  8. I have an obsession with Cleaning.
  9. The Las Vegas Raiders have my heart!
  10. I have horrible luck with Cars!!!!!
  11. I can’t function without Coffee.
  12. If I could travel to any place in the world, it would be Iceland.
  13. My favorite holiday is Halloween.
  14. My two favorite ways to spend a day off are shopping and in bed watching shows.
  15. I am the most competitive person you will ever meet.
  16. My favorite food is Tacos.
  17. I don’t like when my car is dirty, though it always is.
  18. I am a nerd at heart but don’t tell anyone.
  19. I don’t enjoy cooking at all, I would rather do takeout.
  20. My work family is the best!
  21. My hero is my Dad Jose!

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