Support Staff Spotlight: Alicia Cederberg

21 Things You Might Not Know About Me: Alicia Cederberg, Public Safety Technology Specialist For The Burnett County Sheriff’s Office.

Support Staff Spotlight: Alicia Cederberg

“Support Staff Spotlight” is a weekly series that shines a spotlight on those that work behind the scenes in our area county departments that keep everything running smoothly. These individuals rarely get any attention (or credit?) but are vital to their respective departments. A new “Support Staff Spotlight” (formerly known as "21 Things You Might Not Know About Me") from one of our six-county coverage-area county departments will be published each Monday on DrydenWire.com.

BURNETT COUNTY -- This week, we shine the spotlight on Alicia Cederberg. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Alicia, she is the Public Safety Technology Specialist for the Burnett County Sheriff’s Office.

Before you read Alicia’s "21 Things You Might Know About Me," check out what Burnett County Sheriff Tracy Finch had to say about her:

"Alicia Cederberg is our Public Safety Technology Specialist. That is a catch all term that means she can do just about anything. She takes care of all things to do with our squad cars, equipment, technology and researches future technology options. She is determined to learn how to fix everything! She is also a computer whiz and helps with all of our computer systems. Alicia is a dedicated team player who is always willing to assist with anything. We are truly blessed to have her with the Burnett County Sheriff’s Office." — Sheriff Tracy Finch

21 Things About Me: Alicia Cederberg

  1. I was born and raised on a farm in Frederic, WI.
  2. My husband Dave and I have been married for 7 years. We have 1 spicy pants daughter who always keeps us on our toes.
  3. I have a small hobby farm with dogs, horses/mule/pony, barn kitties, and lots of chickens!
  4. I got my 1st horse at 9 years old and one of my current horses I have had for 22 years.
  5. I was very big into showing horses and beef in 4-H and I still love to attend Polk County Fair to watch my nieces compete.
  6. I love trail riding at Governor Knowles Equestrian park in Cushing.
  7. I enjoy playing softball throughout the summer months.
  8. I love reading all kinds of books but my favorite author is Nora Roberts.
  9. I like being outdoors: hunting, fishing, and ATV-ing.
  10. One of my favorite sounds is hounds barking on a track.
  11. I enjoy attending my niece's/sister-in-law's sports and activities.
  12. I like helping my parents on the farm and teaching my daughter the ways of farm life.
  13. I love hanging with my family having BBQ’s and playing games.
  14. I like going for wandering car rides, with or without a specific destination in mind, gazing at scenery and animals.
  15. I enjoy baking when time allows.
  16. My heaven on earth is getting to enjoy an early morning cup of coffee on my deck watching the day come to life before the household wakes and chaos begins.
  17. I think I like crafting, but in reality, I love saving pins and videos to do eventually….. maybe…
  18. I love all things highlighters, stationary, and organization to help me feel I have ducks in a row and not wandering off aimlessly.
  19. I started working at Burnett County Sheriff’s Office as a jailer dispatcher in 2011, and moved into my current position, Public Safety Tech Specialist, in 2020.
  20. I was voted Officer of the Year in 2020.
  21. I love 95% of my job, the other 5% are the things I have yet to learn. I am quite often called a jack of all trades and one of my favorite sayings is, “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

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