Prosperity Is Possible Grocery Giveaway Events

'Don’t let the media fool you about the state of the economy improving. It is not getting better.'

Prosperity Is Possible Grocery Giveaway Events

When she came through the doors of the Piggly Wiggly in Prairie du Chien on Saturday, February 3rd, Deann Kaber found the volunteers of Americans for Prosperity and the $60 gift cards they were handing out, to be a welcome sight.

Kaber of Prairie du Chien, a recent widow who had previously retired, found she needed to return to the workforce to make ends meet after her husband died just weeks after his own retirement. Now living on a fixed income, she said she was struggling without going back to work.

“I must manage my budget on a fixed income which does not cover all of my living expenses,” she said. “To make ends meet I had to go back to work, after already working all those years of my life.”

Stories like Kaber’s are why Americans for Prosperity is holding inflation-related education events across Wisconsin.

Saturday marked the first two of five scheduled ‘Prosperity is Possible’, Piggly Wiggly grocery store events in southwest Wisconsin, starting with Prairie du Chien and Boscobel.

Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin volunteer Megan Beisker, is an active community member in the Prairie du Chien area. Megan and Americans for Prosperity Grassroots Engagement Director Nicole Tyc have been working together to connect with Prairie du Chien area community members since May 2023. One consistent area of concern they heard is inflation.

During the Prosperity is Possible Piggly Wiggly events, Americans for Prosperity gave out one hundred gift cards valued at $60/each at stores in both Prairie du Chien and Boscobel. It was a way to provide a little inflation relief at a time when people are spending, on average, more than $220/week on groceries where double-digit price increases due to inflation have been common for milk, bread, eggs, and more over the last few years.

Through dozens of conversations with people who stopped by for a gift card, the resounding message was that our economy is not as strong as some might say.

Charles Hallberg of Oelwein shared his experience as a grandparent and father.

“Don’t let the media fool you about the state of the economy improving. It is not getting better,” he said. “I help my daughter by buying groceries every other week for she and her four children. She is a single mother working two jobs. I don’t know how anyone can believe things are improving.”

Americans for Prosperity events like this help us authentically connect with people and share with them tangible ways to be involved in a path to prosperity and a stronger future for our country, and for every American.

To find out more about inflation relief events we’re hosting around the state, check out our events website. Sign up to attend for free food and giveaways. If you want to get involved with Americans for Prosperity, we’ve got volunteer, part-time, and full-time positions available on our website.

Last Update: Feb 08, 2024 5:15 pm CST

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