Morning Headlines - Monday, Apr. 1, 2024

U.S. & World and Wisconsin headlines, and today's meme.

Morning Headlines - Monday, Apr. 1, 2024

U.S. and World Headlines

Baltimore To Open "Temporary Alternate Channel" For Ships

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Sunday Baltimore would see more federal funding to assist in the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse response, but it's too early to say how long recovery and rebuilding efforts will take.

The Port of Baltimore, one of the busiest in the U.S., halted vessel traffic indefinitely after a cargo ship struck the bridge and caused its fatal collapse early last Tuesday.

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Republican Blame Game Heats Up As Their Majority Thins

Who’s to blame for the GOP’s dwindling House majority? It depends on whom you ask.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) made waves last month when she pointed fingers at a pair of fellow Republicans who decided recently to quit Congress before their terms were up, reducing the party’s already slim advantage to a hairline one-vote margin.

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Kia Recalls Over 427,000 Telluride SUVs Because They Might Roll Away While Parked

Kia is recalling more than 427,000 of its Telluride SUVs due to a defect that may cause the cars to roll away while they're parked.

According to documents published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the intermediate shaft and right front driveshaft of certain 2020-2024 Tellurides may not be fully engaged. Over time, this can lead to “unintended vehicle movement” while the cars are in park — increasing potential crash risks.

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Men’s NCAA Final Four Is Set With 11th Seed N.C. State’s Shocking Upset Of Duke

In a shocking Elite Eight upset, 11th-seeded N.C. State powered through to beat its longtime rivals, the Duke Blue Devils, 76-64, and paving the way to its first Final Four appearance since 1983.

An 11th seed is the lowest-seeded team to ever make the Final Four, tying the record with LSU (1986), George Mason (2006), VCU (2011), Loyola Chicago (2018) and UCLA (2021), according to the NCAA.

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Women's March Madness 2024: What To Expect In Iowa-LSU Rematch

When the 2024 women's NCAA tournament bracket came out two weeks ago, all eyes went to Region 2 in Albany and the potential Elite Eight showdown between the teams that met for the national championship last season.

On Monday (7:15 p.m. ET, ESPN/ESPN App), that blockbuster arrives, as No. 1 seed Iowa faces third-seeded LSU for a trip to the women's Final Four in Cleveland. The seeds say one thing, but history says another: LSU won the national championship game 102-85 last April and likely is perceived by many as the favorite in this rematch.

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Wisconsin Headlines

Wisconsin Universities Slow To Send Out Financial Aid Packages To Prospective Students

High school senior Annabelle Tornio is looking for a college where she can explore her interests, and she’s already been accepted by several public and private universities in Wisconsin and Illinois.

According to her mom, Annabelle is considering studying pre-law, psychology, business or marketing.

But before the Milwaukee teen can decide which university to attend, Annabelle needs to know how much financial aid each institution can offer her. An ongoing delay in release of federal student aid information is keeping her — and students around the country — waiting.

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Democrats Hope Biden Could Get A Boost From Down-Ballot Races Under Wisconsin's New Legislative Map

Wisconsin's presidential primary Tuesday clears the way for a general election campaign that Democrats see as an opportunity unlike any in recent state history.

New legislative districts adopted last month erase Republican advantages that gave the GOP dominance of the Wisconsin Assembly even as Democrats won 14 of the past 17 statewide elections. Democrats think they can now compete for a majority, but also that invigorated legislative campaigns can help turn out votes for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in November.

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Wisconsin Primary Tests ‘Uncommitted’ Vote On Biden’s Israel Stance

Opposition to President Joe Biden’s strong support of Israel’s war against Hamas faces a fresh test on Tuesday in Wisconsin where pop-up groups on a shoestring budget are urging voters to mark themselves uncommitted in the state’s Democratic primary.

For two weeks, 60 grassroots groups and organizers have advanced their cause with phone banks, mailers, banners, knocks on doors and “friend banks” where volunteers contact friends who then contact their friends.

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Where People In Wisconsin Are Moving To Most

Fewer Americans moved in 2022, according to the latest Census data, but of those who did, 1 in 5 moved to a different state.

Population growth has returned to pre-pandemic norms; Southern states continued to record influxes in population, while the Northeast saw the biggest drops, particularly in New York and Pennsylvania. These trends largely continued into last year, according to United Van Lines’ annual movers study. States with the most outbound moves in 2023 were New Jersey, Illinois, and North Dakota, which moved up 15 spots from the year before.

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"Wisconsin Sober": A New Recreational Drinking Trend Gains Popularity

Statistics show that drinking alcohol is on the decline for many Americans. The reasons for this vary, but increased expense and adverse day-after affects – aka “hangovers” – are the most often cited reasons.

These findings, coupled with the fact marijuana is legal for recreational use in 24 states, created a new way of socializing: lifestyle choice called “California Sober.”

California Sober refers to those who abstain from drinking alcohol, but indulge in marijuana, whether it be via flower, chews, chocolates, baked goods, drinks or oils.

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