Rep. Green Votes To Support Judges In Wisconsin

Representative Chanz Green issued the following statement after voting in favor of a package protecting judges’ privacy and safety.

Rep. Edming Votes To Return YOUR Tax Dollars

'The four proposals in this package would reduce the tax burden by expanding the 2nd income tax bracket.'

Armstrong Votes To Return $2.1 Billion To Wisconsin Taxpayers

The Wisconsin State Assembly has voted to return $2.1 billion of Wisconsin’s budget surplus to taxpayers.

Rep. Green Votes To Cut Taxes… Again

Representative Chanz Green issued the following statement after voting in favor of four bills.

Chippewa Valley Legislators Announce $15 Million For Emergency Departments

'This move would ensure continued access to essential services in the wake of HSHS’ departure.'

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Continues To Seek Applicants for Rusk County District Attorney

The governor announced today he is accepting applications on a rolling basis until the vacancy is filled.

Gov. Evers Signs Five Bipartisan Bills To Improve Access To Dental Healthcare, Bolster Healthcare Workforce

Read the five bills signed into law today.

Gov. Evers 'Keeps Promise To Continue Fighting For Fair Maps' - Vetoes GOP Legislative Maps

Gov. Evers released a video message to Wisconsinites.

Rep. Sapik Fights For Middle Class Tax Cut

"I urge my fellow legislators to support this common-sense solution..."

Rep. Green’s Two Bills Pass The Assembly

Representative Chanz Green (R-Grand View) had two of his bills pass the Assembly earlier today.

ICYMI: Gov. Evers Welcomes President Biden To Wisconsin

Celebrates More Than $1 Billion Federal Grant to Replace Blatnik Bridge.

Representative Gae Magnafici Unveils Bold Tax Reform Proposal To Propel Wisconsin Forward

"This proposal is a testament to our dedication to fostering a thriving economic environment where every Wisconsinite has the opportunity to succeed."

Rep. Green Responds To The State Of The State

"When Republicans and Democrats can work together in a bipartisan manner, we can always move Wisconsin forward."

Armstrong Responds To State of the State Address, Announces GOP Tax Cuts

"Legislative Republicans have consistently held the line against the Governor’s extravagant spending sprees, and this past session has been no different."

Rep. Angie Sapik Proposes Legislation To Help Promote Healthy White-Tail Population In The Northern Forest Zone

"Bill will be influential in raising healthy deer numbers."

Stafsholt’s Second Amendment Privacy Act Heads To Governor’s Desk

"I urge Governor Evers to put aside politics and sign this common sense legislation into law."

Edming Bill To Eliminate Red Tape For County Veteran Services Heads To Governor

With bipartisan approval by the legislature, SB 416 now heads to Governor Evers’ desk.

Rep. Armstrong Votes For Parents’ And Firearm Owners’ Rights

The Assembly has passed legislation that protects parents’ rights to direct their children’s education and health free from government infringement.

Guest Column: Quinn And Green Protect Taxpayers From Tribal Tax Fallout

"We will continue to work to ensure that all of the burden does not fall on the remaining property taxpayers."

Rep. Green And Sen. Quinn Introduce Legislation To Regulate Deer Hunting

Representative Chanz Green and Senator Romaine Quinn introduced the legislation earlier today.

Governor Appoints Kristy Nieto To The Public Service Commission Of Wisconsin

Gov. Evers Slams Senate Republicans for 'Baselessly Firing PSC Commissioner Huebner.'

Senator Quinn: State Senate Passes Tax Relief

Quinn votes for tax cut aimed to help middle-class and seniors.