Wisconsin At A Crossroads: Governor Evers Vetoes Essential Republican Tax Relief Bills

'Representative Magnafici encourages Wisconsinites to rally together in support of a vision that foregrounds the prosperity of its people.'

Governor Evers Signs Bipartisan Bill To Reduce Annual Child Care Costs For Working Families

More than 110K Wisconsin taxpayers to see average benefit of $656 per filer, providing nearly $73M in annual tax relief.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Vetoes Three GOP Bills

The guv took action on three bills today.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Takes Action On 3 Bills

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers took action on three bills Thursday.

Rep. Green Reflects On This Year’s Session

Representative Chanz Green says he is proud to reflect on this year’s past session.

Stafsholt Income Tax Reciprocity Bill Clears Vote In Senate And Assembly

The agreement would allow taxpayers who live in one state and work in the other to file tax returns in their home state only.

Armstrong Votes For Emergency Department Assistance, Refugee Resettlement Transparency

The Wisconsin State Assembly concluded its legislative work for the 2023-2024 legislative session this week, with marathon sessions on February 20 and 22.

Stafsholt Tuition Reciprocity Bill Heads To Governor’s Desk

Legislation passed both the Senate and Assembly that would retain the Wisconsin-Minnesota Tuition Reciprocity Agreement.

Rep. Green’s Deer Legislation Passes Assembly

Assembly passes bill that bans doe hunts in the Northern Forest Zone.

Assembly Approves Edming Bill to Provide Property Tax Relief for Disabled Veterans

Proposal expands property tax credit to more qualifying veterans and spouses.

Rep. Green Votes In Favor Of Truancy Package

Representative Chanz Green issued the following statement after voting in favor of the truancy package that was brought forth before the Assembly

Quinn Votes For Tax Cut Aimed To Help Middle-Class And Seniors

State Senate Passes Tax Relief.

Wisconsin Entrepreneur Eric Hovde Launches Bid For U.S. Senate

Hovde is seeking the U.S Senate seat currently held by Tammy Baldwin.

Gov. Evers Signs Fair Maps For Wisconsin

Gov. Evers Keeps Promise to Wisconsinites 'Undoing a Decade of Wisconsinites Living Under Among the Most Gerrymandered Maps in the US'

Rep. Armstrong Votes To Prohibit Government Discrimination

Assembly passes a proposed constitutional amendment that would prohibit government entities from discriminating against protected groups.

Rep. Green Votes To Support Judges In Wisconsin

Representative Chanz Green issued the following statement after voting in favor of a package protecting judges’ privacy and safety.

Rep. Edming Votes To Return YOUR Tax Dollars

'The four proposals in this package would reduce the tax burden by expanding the 2nd income tax bracket.'

Armstrong Votes To Return $2.1 Billion To Wisconsin Taxpayers

The Wisconsin State Assembly has voted to return $2.1 billion of Wisconsin’s budget surplus to taxpayers.

Rep. Green Votes To Cut Taxes… Again

Representative Chanz Green issued the following statement after voting in favor of four bills.

Chippewa Valley Legislators Announce $15 Million For Emergency Departments

'This move would ensure continued access to essential services in the wake of HSHS’ departure.'