Lake Trout Season For Lake Superior Opens December 1st

Lake trout are managed in Lake Superior using a quota system with different allocations for different user groups.

Natural Connections: An Old Friend

This world provides us with much to be thankful for.

Natural Connections: Lingering Loons

A juvenile loon lingers on Lake Namakagon, gaining strength for their long flight to the ocean.

'November Is A Sigh' With Lois Nestel

Natural Connections: November is a Sigh with Lois Nestel

Natural Connections: Snow Buntings And Needle Ice Foretell Winter

This week's outdoor features story by Emily Stone, Naturalist/Education Director at the Cable Natural History Museum.

Natural Connections: Fall Colors & Caribou

"Possessed? Sure I’m possessed—by an overwhelming sense of wonder at and gratitude for the experiences I’ve had."

Wisconsin Natural Resources Board Approves 2023 Wolf Management Plan And Rule

Board approved with amendments the Wisconsin DNR revised 2023 Wisconsin Wolf Management Plan and an administrative rule for wolves.

Natural Connections: The Weird Ones

'As with humans, the weirdest organisms are often the most interesting.'

Natural Connections: Slugs

"Dampness cooled my fingers as I lifted softened wood out of the limp maple leaves."

Natural Connections: Midnight Mystery Sound

'The mystery noise had followed us! But since we survived it the previous night, I assumed we’d survive again.'

Natural Connections: Listening To A Boundary Waters Night

The campsite on Winchell Lake is one of the most desirable, although it is not silent after dark.

New Baiting And Feeding Bans For Washburn, Barron, Rusk And Sawyer Counties Effective Oct. 5

State law requires that the DNR enact a 3-year baiting and feeding ban in counties where CWD has been detected.

Natural Connections: Listening In Elk Habitat

"Now that the spell was broken, we talked excitedly about what we’d just seen. We no longer needed to listen intently for the elk."

Wisconsin DNR Asks People Not To Bait Or Feed Deer

Help Slow The Spread Of CWD This Season: Avoid Baiting And Feeding Deer.

Natural Connections: Glacial Refugia­­

The Northwoods are receiving new waves of southern species.

Wisconsin DNR: 'Know Your Target: Don’t Accidentally Shoot Elk Or Moose This Hunting Season'

Understand the difference between elk and white-tailed deer this hunting season.

Natural Connections: Microscopic Minerals

Kali Sipp is from Wild Rose, WI and recently graduated with a degree in geoscience from Northland College.

Natural Connections: Jewels Of The Wilderness

Emily Stone - Naturalist/Education Director at the Cable Natural History Museum.

Invasive Japanese Knotweed Identification And Removal

Japanese knotweed can grow through porous surfaces, damaging foundations.

Help The DNR Monitor Wisconsin’s Elk This Fall

September marks the beginning of the breeding season for elk, with the season running through October.

Natural Connections: Three Little Wasps

The American Pelecinid Wasp has a scary-looking tail that won’t sting you. Only the larvae of Junebugs need be afraid.

Natural Connections: Really Old Rocks

"Even from the highway, we could tell that this rock outcrop was cool."

No Helmet, Seatbelts Top Factors In Wisconsin Youth ATV/UTV Crashes

Over the last five years, 70% of fatal crashes involving operators or passengers under the age of 18 occurred on private lands.

Natural Connections: Nine Places To Find Delight

Emily Stone is the Naturalist/Education Director at the Cable Natural History Museum.