WATCH: Pastor Brian Cole On 'Diane's Kitchen'

Watch the final episode of 'Diane's Kitchen' as Diane welcomes on for her final guest, Brian Cole.

Michelle Masters From Habitat For Humanity Visits Diane's Kitchen

Michelle explains why the focus has changed from building houses to repairing existing ones due to the ongoing effects of Covid.

WATCH: This Month's Guest On Diane's Kitchen: Sharlene Bellefeuille

Shar is the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Alzheimer's Association.

Diane’s Kitchen: Spotlight On Veteran Suicide Prevention

This month on "Diane's Kitchen" Diane chats with Veteran Service Officer Ella Parker and Community Engagement and Partnerships Coordinator Andrea Sandberg

WATCH: This Month's Guest On Diane's Kitchen: Trevor Peterson

Former Spooner Police K-9 Officer, and current owner of Third Day Woodworks, Trevor Peterson, stops by "Diane's Kitchen"

The Exploding Real Estate Market In Rural Wisconsin Is Up For Discussion On Today's Diane’s Kitchen

Chris Thompson, from Benson-Thompson Reality in Spooner, joins Diane for a chat.

Today On Diane's Kitchen, Diane Is Talking With Kaitlin From Washburn County Tourism Assn.

Get the skinny on which events will take place this summer and which ones will not.

WATCH: Diane's Kitchen W/ Special Guest: Sheila Yohnk

On today's Diane’s Kitchen show, Diane will be discussing the Fast and Furriest Car Show with Sheila Yohnk, a volunteer from the Barron County Humane Society.

Grantsburg Couple Create A Weather Game And Are Blown Away By Sales

This week on Diane's Kitchen, meet Donovan and Sandra Jotblad, creators of the card game named Fahrenheit.

WATCH: Diane's Kitchen W/ Special Guest: Matt Dryden

This week on Diane's Kitchen you'll get the skinny on what's happening in Shell Lake.

Today On Diane’s Kitchen: 'Why Aren't Women Listening?'

This is the question up for debate on Diane's Kitchen this week as Diane takes on the American Heart Association

WATCH: Brian Cole Makes His Second Visit To Diane’s Kitchen

Brian Cole makes his second visit to Diane’s Kitchen to continue the conversation from last week

ICYMI: Brian Cole Visits With Diane On This Week's Diane's Kitchen!

The chat aired on DrydenWire's Facebook page on Friday

Take A Virtual Tour Of The Beautiful Spooner Ag Research Display Garden!

This week on Diane's Kitchen, take a virtual tour with Kevin Schoessow

Barron Electric Coop And Nuto Potatoes Have Teamed Up On An Unusual Project

On this week's Diane's Kitchen, meet Jennifer Beaudette, Barron Electric's Director of Member Service

The Rise And Dine Breakfast Is Back, And Birthday And Holiday Baskets Are In The Making

Missy Murley from the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) is Diane's guest

Gun Permit Applications Up More Than 500 percent

Georg LaBonte, of Fireline Shooting & Training Center, is visiting Diane's Kitchen with information about this growing business

Spooner's Farmer's Market Is Growing Like A Weed

Despite uncertain times, the Spooner Farmers Market continues to grow

Sightings Of Cadaver Dogs Training In Local Cemeteries

Meet Jan Thompson on Diane's Kitchen, as she shares her experience training these special K9's and why she does it

Washburn County Tourism Takes a Creative Turn During Virus

This week on Diane's Kitchen

Mind-Boggling Info About The Art Of Professional Pigeon Racing

Robby Olson, a member of the American Racing Pigeon Union, is the fascinating guest on Diane's Kitchen this week

WATCH: Linda Hand On Diane's Kitchen!

This week on Diane's Kitchen, meet Linda Hand, head of the Washburn County Aging and Disability Resource Center.

WATCH: Brittny Olson From Embrace On Diane's Kitchen!

Brittny Olson visited with Diane Dryden this morning on Diane's Kitchen!